Little Girl of 3 by Donna Mazza (5/19)

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This book will take you through the earliest memories of a Little Girl Of 3 and her heart story, becoming immersed into her journey of faith, healing and empowerment! Since the beginning of time, women’s heart have been assaulted and their voices stifled.

As you read, you are provided an opportunity to embrace your own hearts’ journey! As her journey begins, it takes you into a life filled with abandonment, disappointments and brokenness, but that’s not the end. This is a story of great hope and divine healing of a woman who championed her way back from feeling like the least of these to rising up.

A story of determination not only to survive, but to thrive into womanhood. Every woman has that little girl heart locked away and she’s searching to find the key to her Eden! Freedom is right around the corner! So come on this journey with the Little Girl Of 3 and write your story!

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Contributors: Joy R. Whittemore from Joiful Management & Entertainment

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Awesome book and definitely a great read. Once you pick it up, you will not be able to put it down until you complete the entire book. Very inspirational, encouraging and beneficial. Stand up, speak out and move forward to the greatness of God.

    • I could not have written this book without a lifetime of Divine inspiration . My dream is for this work to heal and bring joy to all it touches ?

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