Live Your Personal Brand (4/14)

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Be who you say you are! Your personal brand is what is driving men to ask you on dates, so be true to who you are and be true to what you present. Women need to show up looking like the pictures they posted online and they need to present themselves as described. It is important to be true to yourself when messaging and texting so that you can act like the gal you were when you were flirty, funny or sexy during the messaging stage.

Do not set yourself up to fail by pretending to be overconfident, bold, wild or fun online and then clam up on the date. Know what you want ahead of time, so you can steer the conversation and activities in that direction. If you know that sleeping over right away is not what you want, do not allude to it in the chatting phase and then shut things down when he goes in for the kiss at the end of the night.

Remember that the generally preferred outcome is a second date – so work backward from your goal and create an experience that will get you to the next step. You do not have to interview your date to determine if he is The One. Your goal is to have fun and show him all of the things about you that your ideal mate will find irresistible.

Contributors: Coach JJ from Image Dating Coach

Written by Ben Skute

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