Log Your Activities (2/12)

In anticipation of college applications, create a log of all extracurricular activities, from major to minor, once-in-a-lifetime and daily. For each activity, answer the following questions: (a) What you are doing in this activity? (b) Why are you doing it? and (c) How are you growing?

Left to their own devices, most students focus their application essays almost entirely on the first question, when in fact there needs to be a balance that favors the second and third. It’s important to start logging the answers to these questions in a spreadsheet or document, because students’ memories can be surprisingly fuzzy when they are working on college application essays and trying to remember what happened years ago in their activities, and how they felt and grew. The more detail you can record in real time, the better shape you’ll be in for your essays.

Contributor: James Do from cortex college consulting

Written by James Metcalfe

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