Managing to Make a Difference by Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage (6/18)

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While ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins is one of my favourite books when it comes to business fundamentals, when it comes to managers and better management, my number one business book is ‘Managing to Make a Difference’ written by two of my colleagues, Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage. This book is based on solid research as well as decades of management experience. It is intended to be a handbook for managers and offers a roadmap to engagement, talent development and excellence in management.

While a CEO, I gain a great deal of insight from Larry and Kim and the real-life stories they share. The techniques they offer in their book will help managers (potentially future CEOs) achieve organizational goals and will empower their employees to achieve their own.

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Contributors: Kimberly Rath from Talent Plus, Inc.

Written by Taegan Lion

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