Menahem Pressler – Works by Debussy · Fauré · Ravel (6/6)

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There’s an awful lot of classical music being played in the dorms beneath the radar. Soothing piano music is sometimes the best choice while cramming, and living legend Menahem Pressler delivers just what you need.

Of the many recordings of Debussy’s masterpiece CLAIR DE LUNE, for example, his is in my view the best. The newly released album by 95-year-old Pressler is simply unforgettable, topping all other piano recordings and orchestral arrangements of Debussy.

Pressler’s interpretation of Fauré and Ravel are equally good. He’s particularly good at bringing out the sentimentality, almost other-worldliness of the music, heightening the feelings evoked. He simply plays the music as it was meant to be played.

The album is “Works by Debussy · Fauré · Ravel” put out by available from or

Written by Meredith Fairbank

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