Never spend less than $5 a day on your campaign (23/46)

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Spending a minimum of $5 a day on your future social media campaign is a great rule to stick by. Whether you are aiming for conversions, engagement, or brand awareness, $5 will be the minimum to let you be in the running against other advertisements fighting to get in front of others faces. Keeping a low spend at the beginning is also a good tactic to not overspend on advertisements you are unsure about. Set your campaign live and reassess after a week or two.

Analyze the performance of your ads and ask questions like: Are they doing well? Are people engaging? Clicking? Are they meeting the goals? If they are not at the performance level you were hoping for, think about what should change. Should it be the ads themselves or the spend you put behind them?

Decide how much more you are willing to spend and increase where needed. Go through the cycle of waiting a week or so and reassessing performance, spend, and make sure always to be optimizing. No matter what, spending $5 is the best way to see if your advertisements are being recognized and achieving the goals and objectives you set out. After your campaign has been in the running for a while then you can see if it’s valuable to put more spend behind your ads.

Contributors: Morgan Sydlowski from GetFused

Written by Zak Parker

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