No rooms for small dreams by Shimon Peres (4/12)

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No rooms for small dreams” by: Shimon Peres, the former prime minister and president of the nation of Israel. In the book, Peres explained how he was able to work peace deal with Jordan’s King Hussein in 1980 inside the book and how he became friend with the president of Egypt in other to have a peace trade with them. if the leaders of these nations read this book to heart, it will give them the idea of how to work together as neighbours.

Peres also talked about challenges he faced for trying to be at peace with nations around Israel, but he didn’t allow that to stop him, what he had was the big picture of a greater nation. There was a place in the book where he called out to the citizens of Iran and told them how the nation of Israel is ready to work with their government when they are ready.

Shimon Peres quoted Abu Alaa, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority when they met in Norway to sing an agreement for peace between both nations, Abu said “The future that we look foe will not materialize unless we together overcome the fear of the past and learn from the past lessons for our future.” The book showed that peace is possible not only between Israel and Palestine but in the world.

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