Once You Stop Trying to Control Food, Food Stops Controlling You (7/9)

The more we restrict our foods, the more we send our brains the message that food is scarce and thus, the body gets triggered into starvation mode. When we diet or restrict calories or specific foods, and feel guilt or shame around eating those “off limit or bad foods,” our bodies feel threatened that it will not be fed when or what it needs. This mimics a famine response and the body turns the main focus and priority to finding and eating food. This is why people then feel “crazy or out of control around food” and binge. Not only make up for the deprivation, but to alsoeat enough for the future famine. They feel as if food controls their life. As a result of chronic dieting, the body does not trust it will be consistently fed. As a biological survival response to the prolonged energy deficit, deprivation and starvation, the body will lower the metabolism as a conservation technique to conserve energy and extract as much energy that does come in from the limited income.

If one wants to stop thinking about food, they must stop restricting their body of essential macronutrients, types of foods, amounts of foods and feel guilt or shame around eating. Quitting the endless yoyo dieting, cutting specific foods, food groups or calories, will allow their mind to stop being obsessed with food for good.

Contributors: Kayla Rose Kotecki from Damn the Diets

Written by Ben Skute

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