OOFOS Thong Flip Flop Recovery Footwear (10/30)

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Who doesn’t need a little treat for their feet? OOFOS footwear absorbs 37% more impact than a traditional athletic shoe, and helps your body start recovering from the second you put them on. 

The proprietary OOfoam impact-absorbing recovery technology is scientifically proven to reduce stress on the body – less stress on muscles and less demand on your body. 

The brand new OOmg Fibre for men and features OOFOS’ new OOtex Fibreflex, a durable textile weave that will stretch in all directions and allows the foot to move in its natural motion. 

The new OOboot for women is the first fully enclosed boot to feature OOfoam. An innovative extension to the OOmg collection of product, and designed for colder weather, this boot’s patented and unbelievably comfortable footbed enhances the recovery process by reducing stress, absorbing more shock and cradling arches. 

Contributor: Steve Gallo from OOFOS 

Written by Ben Skute

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