Organizing For Dummies by Eileen Roth (1/14)

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Organizing For Dummies focuses on all aspects of your life, the home, the office and time management.

The biggest benefit of being organized is saving time.

Home: In the home, stop wasting time looking for something because you’re disorganized. Also, save money by not buying a duplicate because want to use something you can’t find. You can save time getting dressed for work when your closet is organized, and you can save time cooking meals with an organized kitchen. Save more time by organizing all the rooms in your home including the basement, attic, and garage.

Office: In the office you can save time by organizing your desk drawers and your files (paper and digital) so you find information fast and don’t keep people Waiting for you to find the information you need whether they are standing in front of you or on the telephone or an email is waiting for a response. One person holding up a project delays the entire project.

Time: Planning your day is the biggest timesaver of all, but learning how to avoid timewasters like interruptions, meetings and procrastination will also increase your time. Manage your time well by being strategically aware of where your time is spent. This is critical if you have no idea where your time goes.

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Contributor: Eileen Roth from Everything in its Place

Written by Taegan Lion

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