Patient Advocacy Matters by Teri Dreher (4/10)

In today’s complex, profit-driven healthcare system, obtaining quality care is more challenging than ever. It led Teri Dreher, an RN with more than 37 years of critical care nursing experience, to become a professional patient advocate in 2011. She’s published a how-to book for healthcare consumers to help them advocate for themselves and their families which is now in its second printing.

“Patient Advocacy Matters: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Protect Your Health, Your Rights, Your Life and Your Loved Ones” is designed as a resource for individuals trying to navigate today’s confusing, often-intimidating healthcare system. The book is filled with fascinating stories about Dreher’s experiences as nurse, professional advocate and concerned family member. In addition, it’s filled with practical strategies that healthcare recipients can use to:· Get the best care in hospitals, while staying safe· Ask the right questions when weighing treatment options· Help seniors make the right healthcare and living choices· Navigate Medicare and the Affordable Care Act· Know when it’s time to turn to a professional advocate

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Contributor: Joanne Levine from Lekas & Levine PR

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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