Peet’s Coffee – Espresso Capsules (18/44)

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This season, Peet’s makes finding the perfect holiday present easier than ever with their new Nespresso® Peet’s Espresso Capsules. Delve into a Peet’s Espresso in one of four high-intensity levels. From plush Ricchezza to black-as-night Nerissimo, each capsule perfectly captures Peet’s signature boldness and fits your Nespresso machine for the ideal at-home espresso. 

Here are a few holiday story ideas Peet’s Capsules might be a fit for: 

  • Stocking stuffers under $15, $10 
  • Holiday entertaining essentials 
  • Holiday Gift Guides for: 
    • College Students 
    • Bosses 
    • Coffee-lovers 

Contributor: Max DeFilippis from Mfa Ltd

Written by Ben Skute

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