Personalised URL's And Postcards (7/9)

We recently launched a PURL direct mail campaign, which from a direct response perspective, was successful. What is PURL? It’s personalized URL or personalized webpage for each person who receives a postcard from us.

Because of the demographics of our target audience (50 and older), I had my doubts whether having the recipients take an extra step by going online would make much of a difference. We hadn’t tested the concept before but we allocated the property technology resources to launch the campaign.

It ended up being a huge success from a direct response perspective. I was stunned at the number of responses we got and how many people on our direct mail list took the postcard, went online to their personalized URL and went through the web form process instead of just having a phone number on our postcard.

What made it a success? Personalizing the URL and tailor each postcard to each specific recipient. I always knew personalizing anything would improve response rates, but I didn’t believe with an older demographic, it would be as successful as it ultimately was. 

Contributor: Brannan Glessner | Marketing Manager at Express Homebuyers and hyperlink Express Homebuyers


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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