Personalized Beer Growler (3/58)

The two most popular hipster gifts we see are the personalized Whiskey Barrel and Beer Growler. Small craft breweries and independent whiskey distillers are very big right now. This allows them to either age and/or create their own whiskey, or create a personalized beer growler and go around trying their favorite breweries in the area. 

Contributors: Kate McNeeley from Kustom Products, Inc. 

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. I live in the New England area and I bought one of these to try out all the different breweries. I loved it so much and had so much fun I got one for each of my groomsmen and that’s how we spent my bachelor party!

  2. Love Kustom Productions so much! They will really go out of their way to make your gift the best out there and if anything is lost or damaged they will do whatever it takes to get you a replacement on time! I absolutely use them for every occasion

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