Petra, Jordan (2/8)

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Enchanting, magical and awe-inspiring Petra, Jordan is the perfect place to pop the question. Known as the “Lost City” and sometimes the “Red-Rose City”, Petra is a once-thriving ancient city that belonged to the Nabataeans. Situated along the Silk Road spice route, Petra is a grand city that is carved directly into the rock face.

Filled with endless sites and breathtaking views, Petra offers many hidden gems and quiet places for an intimate proposal surrounded by the tranquil desert backdrop. Alternatively, if a show-stopping proposal is a goal, there are certainly a few memorable spots to get down on one knee with a crowd or even a pack of camels. For extra romance, Petra by night is one of the most memorable views when the entire site is lit up by candlelight creating a moving and special moment.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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