Players’ Marketing Appeal (1/6)

Part of the appeal of the World Cup is watching matches featuring the world’s best players, independent of what country you are supporting. Many of them are not just superstars on the field but also in marketing as their global appeal makes them desirable brand endorsers. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has over 130 million followers on Instagram, over 120 million followers on Facebook, and over 74 million followers on Twitter.

Brands like to use such popular stars as endorsers all the time, but their marketability increases even more during the World Cup. They are then featured in ads by sports apparel brands, official FIFA partner brands, as well as other non-FIFA partner brands, including some memorable spots like Nike’s “Write the Future” ad in the 2010 World Cup and Beats “The Game Before The Game” ad in the 2014 World Cup.

Written by Vassilis Dalakas

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