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The influence of GDPR is already being felt; in fact starting in May of this year, consumers were flooded with a tidal wave of We’ve updated our terms email, which was a direct result of GDPR going into effect that month.  Where both businesses and consumers will see the most visible influence of GDPR in the near term is in the area of personal data collection, use, and storage.

For example, businesses can no longer play fast and loose with the collection and storage of personal data, and consumers will see a corresponding reduction in business mailings for which they did not sign up, and an increase in the number of data confirmation and protection notices they receive.  It should be noted that GDPR only protects consumers in the EU, however, businesses everywhere must comply with it as GDPR specifically states that it will be enforced against any business with respect to a consumer in the EU, regardless of where in the world the business is located.

Contributors: Anne P. Mitchell from Institute for Social Internet Public Policy

Written by Zak Parker

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