Politics of Marriage (1/13)

The book uses a conglomeration of short stories to teach the most important lessons of being successful in marriage. Concepts shared in 5 love languages, love and respect, the Bible and many more well-known marriage works are woven into an exciting storyline.

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Contributors: Jerome Myers from The Myers Development Group

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Best book I have ever read to be relatable, intune, upbeat, and very inspiring! When a book is presented with a title like, “Politics of Marriage,” you never know what to think except is this about to be a novel “Scandel” but was much more!

  2. This is an awesome book and brings to light so many issues in an easy to understand way. Definitely a must have in the relationship library…

  3. I enjoyed it also! Quite an unexpected twist with Maria. I quick read that you can take many lessons from to improve your relationships.

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