Prepare for the fallout (5/24)

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If people know he cheated on you and you decide to stay and work things out, you’re going to have to be prepared to deal with many well-intentioned people who are going to try to make you feel awful about the decision. Friends and family are going to be angry with you, telling you that you deserve better and that you should give up. They say these things from their own fears of being hurt. While you’re feeling your own hurt, don’t be drawn into their fears and memories of being in your position. Their feelings have nothing to do with your decision. Be prepared to be firm about telling people that you have made up your mind and you don’t want to talk about the subject any more. Be careful about saying less than glowing things about your relationship to the people who can’t respect that boundary in the future. 

Contributors: NaDasha Elkerson from Love Worth Keeping Relationship Coaching

Written by Ben Skute

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