Profitable Diversity by Anise Wiley-Little (2/44)

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Profitable Diversity examines the intersection of diversity and business, a business practice that is often ignored despite the tremendous impact it has. An insightful look into diversity and inclusion from a personal, yet provocative, point of view—prompting us to give careful thought to how this often-missed opportunity drives results.

This book offers detailed strategies to learn more about the complexities of our similarities and differences, and discusses why they should matter to us personally, to our corporations and communities. Profitable Diversity looks at diversity today as an essential component for understanding and securing the future of our rapidly changing and evolving global society.

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Contributors: Anise Wiley-Little from Profitable Diversity

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Awesome book! Diversity drives results and is profitable! A must read for all leaders and those with leadership aspirations. Very well written. -Star*

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