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One of the most common marketing myths and misconceptions I run into is SMB owners thinking that all of their best content should be published on their own site. You should always invest the majority of your content efforts into your own site first, but don’t ignore well-established channels, such as industry blogs, community forums, and strategic partnerships, that can help you expand your marketing reach. A big part of building your own audience is tapping into the audience of others.

One way small businesses can do this is by diversifying their content channels. As a consultant, I’ve written countless guest post articles, and several of these posts resulted in direct leads. In fact, one particular article I published back in 2014 helped me double my monthly revenue. This post wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much traffic and exposure if I had published it on my personal blog. But since it was published on a high authority domain, I was able to tap into a pool of hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. In addition to guest posts, there are several other sites that allow businesses to publish content for free, such as LinkedIn and Medium. These sites carry a high domain authority which means they tend to rank higher in a search.

Contributors: Brandon Seymour from Beymour Consulting

Written by Zak Parker

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