Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter (17/18)

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Written by Jennifer Dulski, head of Groups and Community at Facebook, mother of two and the former President and COO of Change.org, the world’s largest platform for social change, Purposeful shares how each of us can learn the leadership skills necessary to rally people around a common purpose.

Dulksi shares actionable steps for creating a clear vision, inspiring supporters, persuading decision makers, navigating criticism, and more through her own experience as a startup founder, tech executive, and social change leader and through other powerful stories of movement leaders from all walks of life. Purposeful is about movement starters and how the most effective leaders are those who rally others around common purpose.

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Contributor: Kayce McGehee

Company: purposefulbook.com

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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