QuestBots- Moves for Beginners, Swarms for Techies (42/57)

QuestBotics - QuestBot in Accion

QuestBot is being programmed to draw and avoid obstacles. Share and support us at:

These friendly blue robots are a great math, coding and art experience for anyone. They’re so easy a three year old can get started. But they have challenges like looping and swarming that even skeptical high-schoolers and gray beard techies will find intriguing.

The two founders have been working on QuestBots for about two years out of a Makerspace in Colorado. In that time the QuestBot has traveled to Africa where it taught blind people robotics. QuestBotics has also worked with multiple bi-lingual schools since both founders have spanish speaking family, including prominent schools in the DC Public school system.

They’ve done all the work and now the bots are ready for people to buy. When they show up this summer you won’t have to mess around with installing any software. The QuestBots arrive ready to teach and play after a quick battery charge. Yup, they’re green as well.

Concepts for younger kids the QuestBots teach include: Color & pattern recognition, counting & numbers, distance, right & left, addition, subtraction and debugging code.

Concepts for older kids (we see you gray beards) include: Swarming, loops & nested loops, variables, geometry & fractals, multiplication, division, complex conditionals, boolean logic, flags and functions.

The QuestBots draw too, so everyone can exercise both sides of their brains at the same time!

Check out their Kickstarter to get to know the little blue bots that are changing the way kids learn technology.

Written by Lindsay

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