Quitting by Design by Dr Lynn Marie Morski (18/40)

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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski knows how to address fears and prepare your health, relationships, and finances for a quit because she’s been there time and again. She has quit educational pursuits, jobs, careers, relationships, political parties…you name it; she’s found a way to quit it while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the challenges associated with major life changes. 

And she wants nothing more than to pass these skills along to you. With this book, Dr. Morski aims to pass on what she’s learned about quitting not only from her own experiences, but also through interviews with others who have made successful quits themselves. She tackles the stigma surrounding quitting, while highlighting what a useful and necessary tool it can be in carving out a life you enjoy. 

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Contributor: Ryan Kenna from Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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