Raised Up By Mrs. Manly & Her L’s by Sandra J. Evers-Manly (6/27)

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This new, non-fiction book is a truly a title for our times by shining a light on the long-lost art and traditions of basic kindness, community-building, and love as it draws on the rich exchange between Mama Doris Manly and her children and the examples of love and life Mrs. Manly used as a foundation to raise strong, impactful contributors to society. Written by first-time author, ardent philanthropist and way-maker, Sandra Evers-Many, tells of how her mother, Mrs. Doris Manly raised her children with one-word lessons starting with just one letter – the letter L. According to the book’s author, Not only did our mother teach us a variety of valuable life lessons using different words that began with the letter ‘L, but she also shared that same practice with everyone she touched throughout her life. 

From the importance of lifting others up and not tearing them down; to being a leader; living life to the fullest, leaving a legacy; and most importantly, finding time to laugh. Mrs. Manly’s L’s is a simple telling of well worn, proven and timeless examples of family, motherly influence, self-confidence, positivity and a guide to daily living, child-rearing and caring for your fellow man. From cover to cover, Mrs. Manly’s L’s makes a great addition to any literary collection that is good for all ages.

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Contributor: Rosalie Martin from Blue Whale Public Relations  

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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