Random Notes by Mrs. Carol Louise Gee (13/36)

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A ‘coming-of-age‘ baby boomer book by a youthful baby boomer, with such fun essays as Now That I Have Got My Mind Together. The Rest Of Me Is Falling Apart What’s A Diva To Do When Her Scarf Tries To Kill Her and shares my reaction when I performed the ‘pencil test’ on my breasts, you know, to test their perkiness?

Well, not only did the pencil NOT fall out, it disappeared completely..underneath my bosom. Yes, I admit I panicked. What if I had to write something down before I found it, you know? This book will resonate with women of all ages. But will evoke memories in ‘women of a sudden age’.

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Contributor: Carol Gee from VenusChronicles

Written by Taegan Lion

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