Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny (24/57)

Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny

Jennifer Roberts Comstock is raising funds for Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny on Kickstarter! Help re-open The Galway Market in Galway, NY!

What is cooler than helping small town America get their groove back?  Nothin’, that’s what!  Check out this Kickstarter that earned 20% backing in only 2.5 days.

It was started by local blogger, Farmhouse Jenny, and the whole idea is to get the community support around reopening a closed grocery store at the only traffic light in town.

Help the 3545 residents of this tiny town get a way to have fresh produce and food for meals without having to drive to another county to get their weekly staples.

The people in this rural town are already buzzing about the chance that the market is coming back.  Just this week, over 73 backers pledged their support.  Rewards in this Kickstarter are super cool too.  Coffee Club gets you a mug with unlimited refills for a month.  Sub Club gets you a free sub once a week for a month.  Heck, you could even go big and sponsor the bulk candy section and have your name in lights forever.

This town needs you to support their dreams, and you will feel awesome about it!

Written by Farmhouse Jenny

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