Rebuild trust and gain self-respect (8/8)

Extending trust to others can rekindle your inner spirit and can bring happiness to you and others. The truth is that there are smart ways to rebuild trust and gain self-respect:

  • Get in touch with the root of your trust issue. Do you sometimes feel that love is easily broken and fear that it will disappear despite everything you do?
  • Extend trust to yourself – trust your instincts and intuition. This involves moving on from the past, forgiving others, and accepting yourself as you are today.
  • Extend trust to others. Don’t automatically assume that a failure of competence is a failure of character. Many mistakes aren’t intentional so don’t make them into something they are not.
  • Make sure the words you use to express your feelings are consistent with your goal of building a loving and trusting relationship. It’s important not to blame or criticize your partner when you confront him.
  • Listen to his/her side of the story. 
  • Challenge mistrustful thoughts. Are they based in reality or related to your past experience?
  • Keep in mind that restoring trust is a slow process. You were born with a propensity to trust but through your life experience, you may have become less trusting as a way of protecting yourself.
  • Face your trust issues with optimism and make a conscious choice to trust others who demonstrate consistent behavior and are deserving of your trust.

Contributors: Terry Gaspard from MovingPastDivorce

Written by Ben Skute

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