RedKey : Worlds 1st easy to use Computer Data Erasing Device (6/57)

Planning to ever Recycle, sell or give away a computer? First use Redkey to securely and permanently wipe all data. Home & business use.

Redkey USB addresses the problem of your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of. Personal information or “data” as it is known, can easily be retrieved from computers. In many cases – even after it’s been deleted.

The RedKey uses a special process to permanently & securely destroy all data, to the point where it ceases to exist.

This helps you because after it has been used, you can safely dispose of a computer in any way without worrying about your data subsequently falling in to the wrong hands.

It is specifically designed to be easy to use. Just plug it in to a spare USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. It is designed to work automatically and minimal interaction is required. This will be a world first – It’s a powerful tool.

Using the Redkey is intuitive but will be supplied with fold-out, easy to follow instructions. Further support will be available online through a dedicated Redkey website. There is also an optional advanced menu area built in, which allows some settings to be customised (ideal for IT experts).

All Kickstarter reward tier pledges will also now receive a handy 16GB “BlueKey” too. It’s ideal for storing files on prior to wiping with the Redkey. All kickstarter reward tier pledges will also be granted free access to a remote update service for life.

Check out this Kickstarter here.

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