Reflect on Your Previous Successes (3/60)

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Another key strategy to boost your confidence and increase the likelihood of achieving your desired lifestyle change is to think back on previous periods in your life when you successfully reached a goal. These past accomplishments can be related to healthy lifestyle changes or drawn from other aspects of your life.

What comes to mind? Maybe it was graduating college or training consistently and completing a half-marathon. Perhaps it was quitting smoking and actually staying tobacco-free for three whole years or courageously starting your own business. Ponder what it took for you to achieve such a feat and how wonderful you felt as a result. You might even come up with a motivational phrase like, “I did it once, I can do it again!” If it’s hard to remember a specific goal you successfully accomplished, look for ways you have overcome challenges or setbacks in your life. Maybe you found a way to move forward after losing your job, moving across the country or foreclosing on your home; draw on any of these experiences to revel in your inner-strength and capacity to achieve, succeed and overcome.

Contributors: Elana Marlo from Elana Marlo Coaching

Written by Ben Skute

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