Reflections (5/10)

Including celebration each day can actually help us enjoy the journey, and actually create more sustainable habits. So, here’s a tip that I do with all of my clients. It’s called 1 let go, 1 prous, 1 grateful. At the end of EVERY single day, write down 1 thing you are letting go of that didn’t go the way you hoped. Then write down one thing you are celebrating that you are proud of from the day. Lastly, write down one thing for which you are grateful in that moment.

This exercise allows us to acknowledge what didn’t go as planned for the day, while bringing the focus back to the positive, back to what IS going well. It’s a great way to put the mind to rest at night. A bonus would be to share your journaling with someone else too!

Contributor: Tessie Tracy from tessietracy

Written by James Metcalfe

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