Searching for God in the Garbage – Bracha Goetz (1/6)

“What a beautifully written book. The raw honesty and eloquent writing style took my breath away. Great for anyone trying to find a deeper meaning in life.”

Searching for God in the Garbage helps readers uncover their own souls.

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Contributor: Bracha Goetz

Written by James Metcalfe


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  1. This is for anyone – male or female. Everyone has to find their way to faith. Bracha shows us what happened with her; what worked for her. I could so relate to every nuance; the wonder, the research, the questions, and finally when the light bulb.

  2. Truly an inspiring story of how she turned her life around after connecting with her faith. Very relatable to anyone who has had issues with self esteem, food, or body image.

  3. When groping for the light bulb in the darkness of life, miraculously a once-in-a-lifetime story comes out that places your hand on the switch. Bracha Goetz was my guardian angel. Must read.

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