Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant by Lillian McCloy (8/60)

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This memoir is very popular with womens’ book clubs. It¹s also been quite popular with travelers. It¹s not an exposé about the CIA, per se. It¹s a personal story about what it was like being a spy’s wife and the mother of his kids, moving the family all over the world during the Cold War (from Spain to India, Japan, Venezuela, and more) and managing their secret under some pretty outrageous circumstances. The book is written as a series of personal anecdotes, which makes it an easy book to pick up and resume reading at any time. Women (and men alike) find her personal stories to be entertaining, illuminating, hilarious, and remarkable.

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Contributor: Johanna McCloy from Dare to be Fabulous

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. Absolutely compelling is this book which I accepted from a fellow book-enthusiast as a courtesy since the theme held no particular interest for me. Surprisingly, I found myself carving precious time out of busy days to return to it—my gold standard!

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