The Last by Hanna Jameson (6/12)

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Jon, a history professor from the University of Mississippi, was at a conference in Switzerland when a nuclear war broke out and the world ended. Now, two months later, there are still twenty survivors holed up in L’Hotel Sixieme – a place with a history of strange suicides and murder.

When the water pressure in the hotel starts acting up, Jon and a group of others head to the rood to check the water tanks. Inside one of them, they find the body of a young girl who clearly died just before The End and who’s killer could still be in the hotel.

As the months pass and rations and relationships start deteriorating, Jon and the group are forced to travel even further away to find supplies. But is the danger they can all sense coming from the woods, the unknown outside world, or is it lurking among them?

A mix of dystopia and locked room murder mystery, THE LAST should be the most unique and unusual book of the season.

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Contributor: David Brown from ATRIA BOOKS

Written by Taegan Lion

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