Stop being overly critical (6/9)

The key to combat perfectionism is to stop being over critical about the work and passing on the judgement authority to a number of people in your circle. When you become the sole decision-making authority for a task, it’s natural to beat yourself up by thinking you have created something run of the mill, unoriginal or completely trashy and bogus. The idea of perfection is quite subjective and no matter how hard you try to get over, it’s natural to end up feeling the work hasn’t come out as expected. You must allow yourself the permission to start and see the end result in a completely new light. First and foremost, supply these parameters to your task:

  • Good Enough: This will be your Minimum Viable Product with a set of initial features and your job will only be working it up to one or two levels.
  • Delightful: Once the perfectionist mindset starts taking over, push yourself out of the task and leave the decision making authority to your peers or others working with your team. Watch out for a feedback from their lens of experience and commit to making improvements thereafter.

Contributors: Ketan Kapoor from Mettl

Written by Ben Skute

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