Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game (46/57)

Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game

Zachary Olmstead is raising funds for Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game on Kickstarter! Bringing Friday game night back! Simple rules. Complex strategic gameplay. Zig-Zag your way to victory! The new classic family game.

Swerve! The Connection Strategy Game is a game of complex strategic planning. Players start in colored goal opposite of their own, and each player tries to get all of their colored pegs across the board back into their colored goal.

The challenging part is that players have to move their pegs as a ‘family’. All of each players pegs have to be connected via the white connection lines, the ‘family’ can can be bunched-up or snake-like, as players try to slingshot their pieces across the board.

Every player gets the exact same deck of cards, so it becomes a sequential strategy game. Do you use all your good cards at the beginning and get a head start? Or do you stay under the radar and save them for the end? It gets crazy because all players are moving across the middle, so once you get blocked, do you stay course? Or do you ‘Swerve!’ and change direction? That is the question.

Written by Zach Olmstead

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