Switcheroo – Easy Home Lighting Automation (3/31)

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This unique, patented gadget allows you to easily re-configure the light switches in your home without running any wires and without the use of Wi-Fi, phone apps, or bluetooth. Whether you have a light switch in your home that controls an outlet, but not the outlet that you want it to control, or whether you want to sync multiple outlets on a single switch, Switcheroo offers a simple and reliable solution without complicated set-up. 

Just set one Switcheroo to Send mode – turning the dial to select a channel – and plug it into an outlet that is currently controlled by a wall switch. Then, set one or more other Switcheroos to Receive mode on the same channel, and plug into any other outlets around your home. Like magic, all lights plugged into Switcheroos that are set to the same channel will turn on and off together with your existing wall switch.

Also a convenient solution for syncing all of your holiday lights on a single switch or timer! Multiple channels allow for multiple simultaneous configurations around your home. 

Contributor: Mike Neilson from Switcheroo, LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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