The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib (2/7)

[This book is] a bestseller and has received rave reviews from people who’ve read it and implemented his teachings. Although it’s not specifically dedicated to email marketing there’s a section that deals with it. In fact, Allan believes that it’s the one marketing tool he’d never give up. He teaches you how to leverage e-marketing.

You’ll learn which words and phrases to avoid so you don’t get spammed and he also advises on great email CRM systems like Ontraport. The writing’s easy to read and informative. It can also be fun. Importantly, Allan draws much of his knowledge from years of experience in marketing. And he always uses facts to back up his claims. Even better, he offers training on e-marketing in his MBA course, which anyone can sign up to. So not only can they read about email marketing, but they can do a quick course.

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Contributors: Candice de Beer from Successwise

Written by Taegan Lion

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