The All of Everything by Laura Saltman (2/40)

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From the author:

Manifestation. Meditation. Soul Cycle. We are a world awakening and already this generation of 20 somethings (and even younger) are beginning to resonate with the concept that we are all one. We are a collective consciousness who think, act and move as one alongside our individualness. 

My book series, The All of Everything, The All of the All and the forthcoming The All That Is are a definitive guide to life and why we are all here. It explains our humanness in a way which cannot be ignored and explores the reasons why we fail, why our lives take tragic turns and quite literally answers the question of what is the meaning of life. 

Written as a Q&A with the “God” portion that lives inside all of us, it follows my journey as a skeptical entertainment reporter (who suffered through multiple tragedies) through the process of enlightenment. It’s messy. It’s frustrating, but ultimately it transforms me and these books are meant to be found by others awaiting spiritual transformation. 

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Contributors: Laura Saltman from Laura Saltman Coaching

Written by Taegan Lion


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