The Amazing Wildlife in the Prince Albert National Park (1/24)

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They say that patience is a virtue. How true that is, especially when it comes to watching and enjoying the amazing wildlife that one can see at the Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. I certainly enjoyed many magical experiences as I watched how amazing the wildlife was. 

From otters to minks and from beavers to black bears, not to mention groundhogs and wolf pups. There are amazing birds that one can see, from American white pelicans to belted kingfishers to the amazing fishing ability of the great blue heron, even ospreys, bald eagles, and merlins. It was amazing how much wildlife I was able to see by just being at the Waskesiu River. 

Even though I had to spend from one to almost three hours every day, it was certainly worth my time to be able to enjoy animals in their natural surroundings and to see the amazing abilities that they possess.

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Contributor: Ryan Kenna from Austin Macauley Publishing 

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Beautiful wildlife photography that will be enjoyed by all ages. It will make you want to visit Prince Albert National Park to enjoy the sights first hand!

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