The animals of the world beg you to back GEB! (7/18)

The animals of the world beg you to back GEB!


I’ve written a book called Geb: Garden of the Gods, and I would like to tell you about my kickstarter for cover art. I believe this is the appropriate thread to post. If not, I’m sorry about that and did not mean to break with the rules.

I began this project a few years ago with my friend, Dave MacRae. Upon his passing, I retained full rights. Our dream was to create a family friendly fantasy series that could be used to help educate, and help the environment.

(Please note, this project is part of my non profit, but this is not a fundraiser for a non profit, this is a fundraiser for cover art of the novel)

Geb is a family fantasy series, that’s intertwined with my non profit of the same name (which stands for Geographical and Educational Betterment). The purpose is to encourage readers to participate with us, in real life as well as in fiction, to help make the world a better place!

The Plan:

I want this novel to have multiple covers, each cover being used at different venues for different purposes (such as helping animal preserves to fundraise for animal protection)! This means funding cover art for the novel. That’s where the kickstarter comes in.

What is Geb:

The story itself is set on a volcanic island in the middle of an ocean, 100 years after giants have left the Earth. There you see a populace of spell casting people, as they struggle with a world that has become gigantic all around them! The novel takes you through the world, introducing you to the politics and mentalities of those on this island nation. Not everyone who disagrees is a bad person, and not everyone who agrees is a good person. It’s here that you are pulled into the society, as they struggle to live with each other, while using magic to stop conflict and save the day!


Imagine a world filled with magic, ruled by Giants who took what they wanted, and laid waste to everything they saw! When disaster hit, they left for the stars, leaving a magical race of people to defend and cure the mess they left behind. The Gigans promised to return when the world was healed, causing strong political divisions with the custodial race. It’s been over 100 years since the Gigans have gone, and the island nation of magically endowed people are faced with their pressing return. Plants, animals and insects have since thrived, granting them an enlarged presence on the planet. These enlarged and now giant animals, have resulted in avianators who ride the backs of hawks, and squirrels who are used as pack mules.

What will the people on the Island of Geb do? Will they try to explore the planet, and stop the return of the Gigans? Will they prepare it for the return? Or will they keep the planet in a state of disaster to discourage the Giants’ return?

I hope you enjoy this project, and become an active participant with this family friendly fantasy series!

You can visit here for more details:

And if you are a Non Profit who helps the environment or animals, give me a ring!  I’d love to work with you!

– Kevin

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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