The Art of SEO by Eric Enge,Stephan Spencer & Jesse Stricchiola (3/15)

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The nature of SEO is that so much of the learning happens by trial and error, and a lot of our education is using online resources. Because it changes so quickly and there are so many different factors, opinions, and strategies out there, it’s not easy to put it down on paper! The Art of SEO has been such a great read because it’s comprehensive, and the authors did an excellent job of breaking things down so that beginners can learn from it and more experienced SEOs still have things to learn.

I’m using this book as the basis for a back to basics training program for my team. Because the clients we work with are all in the same industry, it’s easy to fall into patterns or processes and forget the reasoning behind why we’ve built our strategies the way we have, so this has been a good reminder of the foundation and the why behind important SEO concepts. It’s also been useful in identifying areas where we can improve our strategies and become more efficient with our time.

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Contributors: Laura Simis from Coalmarch

Written by Taegan Lion

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