The Art of Servant Leadership II by art Barter (21/44)

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While gaining more awareness of late, servant leadership still is often misunderstood and even considered soft. In The Art of Servant Leadership II, Art Barter details the real-world turnaround he and his team made at Datron World Communications using servant leadership.

Within six years after Barter and his wife, Lori, purchased Datron in 2004, the company went from $10 million in annual sales to $200 million. (Datron is a manufacturer of radio communications equipment for military and security personnel, with customers around the world.) “Servant leadership is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do as a leader,” said Art Barter. “That’s because, with servant leadership, you’re asking people to change their behaviors, but you still have to get bottom-line results.”

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Contributors: Art Barter from Servant Leadership Organization

Written by Taegan Lion

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