The Day of Atonement: A Novel of the End (1/16)

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The Day of Atonement is a heart-pounding international thriller with a shocking mystery. Like an arch with an uncertain keystone, the world trembles around the holiest spot on Earth-the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It’s a crisis of the near future, and the slightest vibration can bring down devastating world war. 

The tremors start with the Pope’s apparent murder and the disappearance of the most sacred of artifacts. Thrown unwillingly together, Ari, an Israeli intelligence agent, and Maryse, an Interpol art expert plagued by a violent past, trace the dim outlines of a conspiracy that threatens to bring about the end of everything. 

In the days to come, they chase across Europe an unknown enemy who seems to have been in two places at once. Follow Ari and Maryse as they race around Europe, searching for answers that seem to lead to a certain day-The Day of Atonement. 

The Day of Atonement is an epic and electrifying thriller that will have readers shocked with its twists and entertained with each adrenaline-packed page. 

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Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. This book was awesome! Lots of great history interwoven throughout. The review boasts about thrills, but I enjoyed it for the incredible attention to religious belief, historical detail, understanding of the precarious situation in Jerusalem.

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