The Emotionally Agile Leader by Kevin E Bowser (2/24)

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We live in a chaotic world. Some of us are called to leadership positions in the midst of that chaos, tasked with the responsibility to lead our organizations in a constantly changing environment. 

Although managing that change can be overwhelming, we must learn how to advance with the needs of the workplace. But is it enough to merely adapt to change? Adapting carries the idea of evolution—not revolution. 

Adapting can be imperceptibly slow, like a giant battleship or aircraft carrier instead of a speedboat. Leaders must be agile. They have to know themselves well and understand the people around them in order to quickly navigate the challenges that face them daily. 

In The Emotionally Agile Leader, Kevin Bowser draws from more than 35 years of leadership experience to teach readers: 

  • the means to identify the emotions that drive behaviors 
  • tools to harness the key emotions that affect leadership abilities 
  • core habits to sharpen leadership skills 
  • the methodology to create more emotionally agile leaders through mentorship 

Are you a leader seeking to hone your skills and reach the next level as a leader? Come along with Kevin and learn how to create a competitive advantage, change swiftly with the needs of your field, and hone your emotional agility. 

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Contributor: Megan Poling from Lucid Books

Written by Taegan Lion

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