The Fun Book of Fatherhood by Jerry Cammarata (2/10)

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A charming resource and terrific learning tool for children, the central theme of The Fun Book of Fatherhood is that humans should emulate their counterparts in the animal kingdom when raising their children. By looking at how the animal kingdom raises its young, readers can learn how to be incredibly accepting of each other, their diversity, and of the individuality of parenting.

Dr. Cammarata drives home the point that parents must be role models, not teachers, to best full fill the psycho-social- academic- cultural needs of our children. The revised edition also expands the book with a prologue and epilogue about the current state of affairs on parenting globally and ways to proactively reach out to legislators on the issues of parenting and paid family leave.

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Contributors: Jane Reilly from Smith Publishing Inc.

Written by Taegan Lion

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