The Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care (3/14)

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Wish you could get salon quality hair conditioning in the comfort of your home? With Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care this is actually achievable! The Hot Head is the original flaxseed filled microwavable deep conditioning heat cap with superior heat distribution. No cords, no fuss – just healthy hydrated hair! 

Have a favorite deep conditioner? The Hot Head works great to enhance all store-bought deep conditioners and hair masks, leave-in conditioners, hot oil treatments, in addition to DIY hair treatments. 

Each Hot Head is constructed from quality natural materials and handmade with love. 

With 12 cute and stylish reversible designs to choose from, you’ll be on your way to the deep conditioning session of your hair’s dreams! 

Contributor: Tabitha Ziegmann from Orca Communications

Written by Ben Skute

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