The Power of Curiosity by Kathy Taberner (7/94)

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The Power of Curiosity: How to Have Real Conversations that Create Collaboration, Innovation, and Understanding is a great self-help book that women really connect with. I think this is because we connect curiosity with conversations. Lots of people believe they are curious because they are interested in what makes something work, what is inside a box etc. Rarely are people curious with others, choosing instead to talk about themselves and tell others what to do.

When we are curious in our conversations with others, we are focused on them, listening to their ideas and perspectives. We stop judging others, instead open up to better understand them. As we begin to understand others, we appreciate their unique perspectives and understand them on a deeper level, all of which create richer relationships. This works even in conflict.

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Contributors: Kathy Taberner from Institute of Curiosity

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. One of the best, most insightful books you’ll read. Learn how to understand and create meaningful conversations in all the easy and challenging parts of uour life. More than ever before, we need to have present and deep human conversations.

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