The Whole Not A Single Factor (30/60)

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The biggest factor behind a healthy lifestyle is to understand that it is actually our whole lifestyle, and not a single factor within it, that promotes optimal health. For example, getting sufficient sleep each night increases our insulin sensitivity, which has the effect of decreasing food cravings and encouraging a healthier diet.

Likewise, eating well allows us to feel our best and puts us in a happier, more active mood. For a healthier lifestyle, sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours per night is one of the best things we do. Concerning nutrition, this does not have to be 100% perfect without fail, but it should be sustainable – if we enjoy the food we eat, there is a much bigger chance of sticking to our diet. Aiming for a predominantly whole foods-based diet is a good way to achieve a healthy diet.

While we can’t outrun a bad diet, exercise is also critical for a healthy lifestyle. The time requirement doesn’t have to be difficult – three sessions of about 30 minutes of intense exercise per week is enough. Other than that, we should focus on increasing our daily movement and walk when we can

Contributors: Michael Joseph from Nutrition Advance

Written by Ben Skute

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