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Unfortunately, the majority of the reconciled speak of much stress, a lack of trust, and fear that it won’t last anyway. That’s because there is often a lot of stressful history and hurt. Relationships need re-negotiation, too. People change in the interim.

Contributor: Sheri McGregor, M.A. at Done With The Crying and rejected parents

Written by James Metcalfe


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  1. Absolutely. Although change is often needed. I know I can’t reconcile with my daughter unless she makes an effort not to be so critical and judgmental and uncaring.

  2. I had a gathering with my 3 kids to be ambush which I knew it was. Going to happen. My oldedt daughter. Married to a senators son. She has always. Thought she was. Better do to her mothetn law. Plus she teaches k. Whereas her. Morals.

      • I read it as: I had a gathering with my 3 kids. It was an ambush, I knew that was going to happen. My oldest daughter is married to a senators son. She has always thought she was better than her mother-in-law. Plus she teaches kindergarten. Where are
        her morals?

  3. I just wish my son (my only child) would be open to talk to me. We had a wonderful bond and relationship. He met a nice girl and I thought this would be the daughter I never had. How wrong I was!

  4. I want to invite my daughter to a private 3 day mother daughter retreat focusing on reconciliation. I don’t think she will go, but if she does, we live 14 hours apart, I am fearful there won’t be enough opportunity to continue to heal.

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